publications & performances


“Mirror, Mirror” and “Crack In The Door” forthcoming in Moon Tide Press’s anthology, Sh!t Men Say To Me [flash memoir; sex abuse, body image]

“She Cannot Make It Out” at Jen Pastilof’s Manifest Station [flash memoir; divorce]

“Sticking The Cow” at Heavy Feather Review [flash memoir; an exploration of generational trauma and sex abuse]

“Elegy For Silence” at South Broadway Ghost Society [flash memoir; explores female identity, survival, and rage]

“May Flights Of Glass Bluebirds Wing Thee To Thy Rest” at Punch Drunk Press [flash memoir; mother loss, family dysfunction, sex abuse]

“Two Poems By Stina French” at Punch Drunk Press [poems; healing from trauma]

“Love In The Time Of Covid” at South Broadway Ghosts Society [poem; separation during quarantine and class issues]

Women’s sex-toy parties: Technology, orgasm, and commodification in Human Sexuality [academic article; title says it all]


Stina doing improv “grid” poetry with improv jazz band Von Disco.


OFM [formerly Out Front Magazine]: “Listen To Your Skin: Monthly Erotic Reading Series”

Westword: “Stina French, aka sister rainbow scream, Invites You To Listen To Your Skin”

Punch Drunk Press: “Featured Interview With Stina French”

Witchcraftsy: “Stina French: Witchy Renaissance Woman on Writing, Sisterhood, and Sexual Healing”


a playlist for the erotic writing workshops