SISTER: We are family and we are in this together. We create and share in circle for personal and collective empowerment. We commit to helping other writers/artists achieve their version of success. Whether that’s being brave enough to read for the first time on an open mic; open enough to attend a potentially life-changing writing workshop or retreat; or dedicated enough to start work on their 5th novel or a memoir.

RAINBOW: We are queer, and we seek to explicitly create queer-friendly spaces, and safe space for marginalized identities, generally. We commit to support BIPOC & LGBTQIAP+ folks and initiatives. We value and encourage embodied process. For ALL bodies.

SCREAM: Self-expression through art is a path toward healing. We seek to bring it up and out, whatever it is.

Stina screaming rainbows in the Sound Puddle at Colorado’s regional Burn, “Apogaea”